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Out of like >1000 amino acids though. Still lots of identical sequence vs OG ‘Rona
1 day ago
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TTWO is a safe play. They just released a 16 gig update a couple hours ago for their massive fuck up of the trilogy remaster. Hard copies releasing on Dec 17th I believe and tbh they are gonna sell a lot of copies as it’s a good stocking stuffer. Bonus if they reveal updates on their Oculus version. Not only that, but recently Jamie King, one of the OG fathers of the GTA franchise said “GTA 6 will be less edgy than previous titles” … implying that he’s confident GTA 6 is in the works
1 day ago
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“Haha we’re all losing money but it’s okay because of some vague sense of solidarity with strangers who won’t pay my very real bills” Do You guys like losing? This OG sub was better before the predictable circle jerking, at least insane losses before used to be on some interesting move nobody else was doing.
4 days ago
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It's definitely not just the og flu and common cold.
5 days ago
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