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Recent Comments

If I uninstall my broker's app I can't lose money, right?
42 minutes ago
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Imagine opening the reddit app instead of the calculator app for such a basic math question
about 1 hour ago
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If I don’t look at my phone and open my app, I’m not getting margin called
about 3 hours ago
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Coming here often has kind of destroyed my mental health and productivity. I love you guys but everyone stressing out is making me anxious lol Might be time to delete the trading app and go full cold turkey on stock stuff again. Not before I buy more BABA first though. 🤡
about 3 hours ago
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The phrase “meme lord Elon” makes me want to uninstall this app so bad
about 4 hours ago
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it ll recovery eventually, valuation looking ridiculously low, there new app update starting to look much cleaner too
about 6 hours ago
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If you delete the app it resets back to 0
about 6 hours ago
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I set GTC close orders at todays highs on almost all my calls. Tempted to delete the app.
about 6 hours ago
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Yeah I keep saying the don’t innovate. Also there software is total shit. Siri is dogshit, or lowering my fucking volume while I’m driving. Or my fucking Mac OS asshole design of notifications in the top right corner that stay until closed. Try and click the little x to close it and the whole fucking top comes down and covers it up when in full screen in an app. It’s just little things like this that show they are sloppy and eventually it will catch up. The M1 was cool but that’s about it.
about 7 hours ago
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So I'm gonna just hold everything, delete my trading app and come back in 4 years. I'll have to be at a profit then right?
about 7 hours ago
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