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yep il est deja launch tu peux farm etc defi gameFi
36 minutes ago

I love trading counter to the CNBC narratives, it works so well. When they are FUDing bitcoin, evergrande, covid etc. just assume they're trying to buy your bags.
40 minutes ago

I fucking love vpt/coc/cuc etc.. Im not worth a shit at it yet, but super encourage to learn more
42 minutes ago

I used to mine them etc when I was in college/uni
about 1 hour ago

ive came up with a plan of everytrade i do im looking for small profits of 2% for time being to build up my money and get a bit better at reading charts etc
about 1 hour ago

@Psychometal_dev podes comprar en spot los tokens apalancados a la baja. BTCDOWN, ETHDOWN etc. tecnicamente no es lo mismo q short, pero es la grafica del token invertida por lo tanto si cae el precio ganas. y tienen un apalancamiento variable entre 1 y 4 creo. Pero no tenes riesgo de liquidacion. es bueno para comenzar
about 1 hour ago

we have the supporters-thingy too. so using our referral-codes will give you some sessions etc. I will prob not do 1on1 there, but I might do some group-sessions
about 1 hour ago

options above et below, surlignage d'ordres selon quantités etc..?
about 2 hours ago

aber hamburg etc
about 2 hours ago

idk if its that fast in placing order etc as MT4
about 2 hours ago

llega a ser al reves y serias un machista opresor , etc.
about 2 hours ago

i'm only watching CAPR at open for me. focusing some options today. learning some, taking some etc
about 3 hours ago

etc kazabilirler
about 3 hours ago

yeah HUT is like RIOT, MARA, etc
about 3 hours ago

@yaelite20 gente de pueblo, sin conocimientos etc..
about 4 hours ago

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