If you're not trading CORN, BP, and TSLA, you're missing out
Jun. 15, 2022 08:02 pm ET

What do SPY, CORN, and VIEW have in common? They're all commenting on /r/Wallstreetbets this morning. Moreover, on /r/investing, they can't stop prattling about GME, COIN, and VIEW and the traders on /r/valueinvesting are chirping about GME, COIN, and VIEW. Overall, WSB sentiment is slightly bearish compared to slightly bearish yesterday and slightly bearish the previous week. CORN, BP, TSLA were the most bullish while traders are less sanguine on SPY, VIEW, RIDE. additionally, the top ranked comments today are: 

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With all due respect, duh ​ Squeeze ain't squoze till phone numbers +

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I also have the 1980 Women of the US Government edition

DieselBusthe5th - 2124 upvotes
A lot of Value investors believe that Free Cash Flow (FCF) is one of the most important things in Financial statements of the company, because FCF benefits the investor directly. 1. You can pay dividends with FCF (shareholders get money) 2. You can do buybacks with FCF (shareholders get to own more of the company) 3. You can pay down debt with FCF ( I mean quite self explanatory) 4. You can make acquisition with FCF ( more products, more services, or consumed competition) 5. Invest in itself When I pick stocks, I analyze the hell out of the FCF.

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I remember when he post the ice cream cone, there was a story of Ryan Cohen having Ice cream after a deal lol. "Chewy’s first official board meeting included two slides, a lot of laughter, and a trip to McDonald’s for soft serve." https://www.volitioncapital.com/news/portfolio/chewy/ Found with the help of GMEDD : https://www.gmedd.com/opinion/who-is-ryan-cohen-working-with/ edit : someone point out it was almost at the same time ETH / BTC hit all time low too ( Edit2 : it keep dipping -_- haha )