A 237.5% increase in Buzz for PLTR
Nov. 19, 2020 03:04 pm ET

Keep an eye on PLTR in the coming days. It's the number 2 most mentioned stock over the last 7 days. The stock saw 4280 mentions on /r/wallstreetbets. That represents 1.36% of all comments in the last 7 days versus an average 0.4% over the previous week. That is a 237.5% increase. 

You can check out the historical chatter for PLTR Here.

PLTR is 106.74% above it's 52 week low and 4.42% below it's 52 week high in recent trading.
Traders on Wallstreetbets have mentioned 66 call positions and 1 put positions over the last week. You can check out the most recently mentioned positions here

 Most Popular Calls 

  Expiration: 11/20  Strike: 20
  Expiration: 11/27  Strike: 20
  Expiration: 11/27  Strike: 30 

 Most Popular Puts 

  Expiration: 12/31  Strike: 12 

 In the News 

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 What they're saying 

 Sseik4 says: Did someone say 500 PLTR 11/27 30$ calls? 

 DaddyDanceParty says: This is practically DD for PLTR. All in 

 Hakke101 says: I literally said that yesterday morning before making 2k on PLTR calls. 

 Narrow-Cup-3500 says: PLTR being accused of human rights violations is the most bullish thing I’ve seen yet TO THE MOON 

 iamLiterateAsofToday says: The more PLTR hype posts I see on web, the more concerned I get about my calls. 

 pwd9398 says: If you're not in PLTR please tell the group why you hate money so much 

 lineman1990 says: Fuck you tesla going to 500 pltr going to 25 

 4thlineorangepeeler says: thank you, now buy PLTR